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Blogbamba Partner
Partner Program Blogbamba
Become a member of the Blogbamba Partner Program, created for individuals who aim to contribute to informed global discourse through insightful articles, expert analyses, and compelling narratives.
Partner Program Blogbamba
Elevating Substance Over Sensation
In an online world obsessed with viral headlines and fleeting impressions, Blogbamba’s Partner Program offers a refuge for authentic and thoughtful content. As a partner, you'll earn a share of the subscription revenue when your quality pieces resonate with our community of readers.
Here’s how we measure the value you bring:
Duration of Reader Engagement
Blogs will start generating revenue when a member reads for at least 30 seconds. The longer a reader stays engaged, the more you earn. We applaud Blogs that maintain reader attention.
Partner Program Blogbamba
Partner Program Blogbamba
Active Reader Interactions
Increased earnings are linked to the level of reader activity on your blogs likes, shares, comments.
Follower Loyalty Bonus
If you build a consistent reader base that frequently engages with your work, we offer a Follower Loyalty Bonus to augment your earnings.
Partner Program Blogbamba
Partner Program Blogbamba
Excellence Boost
Blogs with strong reader engagement and high praise will qualify for an Excellence Boost, enhancing their per-read and interaction revenue. We urge writers to focus on creating fewer, yet more captivating, Blogs.
Eligibility Criteria
Be an Active Blogbamba Member
Active readership on Blogbamba not only enriches your experience but also gives you valuable insights into what engages our community.
Recently Published Work
A requirement for ongoing participation is publishing at least five blogs on Blogbamba within the last six months.